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LearnCast®, a BLS® company, is a versatile and easily deployed mobile publishing platform. We have the benefit of working as a professional team of people who like working together, we build cool things.

As an innovative leader in mobile technology and mobile learning platforms, we strive every day to listen to our customers’ needs and ideas. We can’t take the credit for everything that’s been created on LearnCast® because our customers have such an impact in the creation process.

Our online tools offer content experts, professional trainers and educators a full featured pedagogy for organizing and delivering content via mobile devices such as Apple, BlackBerry, Droid, and Windows Mobile as well as all net-books, tablets, laptops and desktops. Content can be delivered through SMS, email, QR codes, keyword text messages and mobile applications in both public and private channels.

We love what we do. Our team of innovative professionals is constantly striving to take LearnCast® to the next level while providing the best mobile publishing platform around.

If you wish to know more about us, our mobile publishing services, or just be a fan – drop us a note, or contact us via your favorite social network or our blog. Your ideas are always welcome and taken seriously, because in our eyes customer feedback improves everything we do.

The Better Learning Systems Team

Lori Coruccini
Maximize Yourself!

Lori Coruccini has provided over 20 years of executive sales leadership and is passionate in bringing awareness of one’s own behavior to ‘show up’ in this world.
Her experience has focused mainly on corporations in sales, consulting and strategic thinking. Lori is well known for her sales leadership in the staffing industry growing a start up to $50 million and as her position as CEO of Know Your Talents™ home of Predix, based in Scottsdale Arizona. She is the author of the first online behavior video series that engages the learner to better understand who they are and to maximize themselves. Lori speaks internationally for conferences, businesses and education groups enlightening the audiences on the importance of understanding what makes someone ‘tick’. For the workforce, it is ensuring the right fit, for the student it is ensuring their investment dollars are on the right career track. Lori founded the Know Your Talents™ System which supports global companies of any size to integrate behavior into their culture. The system includes on line videos, a series of Know Your Talent™ workshops and has a national team of ‘Champion’ performance coaches. Raving fans of Predix include companies such as MAXIMUS, The Home Depot, and McGladrey.

Lori is the Co Founder of Better Learning Systems which is now the home of Predix, LearnKey and LearnCast. Her role is driving the global strategic sales team which from a behavioral view, Lori follows her passion to ultimately help people fulfill their dreams through better learning Lori is a graduate of Northern Arizona University, enjoys life fully with her husband and 2 pups and lives in Carefree, AZ and Boise, ID.

Contact Lori Coruccini:
Phone: (602)550-9998
Email: LoriC@knowyourtalents.com


David Clemons
What’s the Next Big Idea?

David Clemons has provided 20 years of executive leadership and innovation to the digital education industries. His experience has focused mainly on the global enterprise online learning space. David is well known for his position as president of LearnKey Inc, a Utah based EJlearning company and today is known as the creator of Achieve Labs Inc. He is speaking nationally and internationally on mobile trends, mobile adoption, enterprise mobile workforce innovation, and leadership. He is considered as a visionary and innovative strategy expert by his peers. Currently, David lives in Eagle, Idaho as a
true mobile worker, employing a large “MobiForce” including international partners and content specialists. David founded LearnCast® Mobile Publishing System, a cloud based – “disruptive- technology.” His goal was to develop a suite of tools anyone can use to publish mobile content to any device, anywhere with realJtime measurements of effectiveness. David’s career includes over 20 years of leadership and development in content delivery tools aimed at mobile professionals and students alike.

Recent speaking events, workshops and presentations include:
Intelligent Content, American Management Association, mHealth (Washington D.C.), EFLearning Guild, mLearning , Kaplan, Citrix, Motorola, Avery Dennison, Cisco, HewlettFPackard, China Mobile (Telecom) Mobile Innovation Camp (Xi’an China), and Mobile Innovation Camp (New Zealand).

Operating from Eagle Idaho, David is very proud of his team , a talented “MobiForce” that includes programmers, IT server experts, marketing specialists, designers and content facilitators, quality control and assurance as well as accounting. They believe the next “big thing” centers around learners using mobile technology as a preferred choice over the standard brick and mortar classrooms, and content experts using mobile technology to deliver learning on the go.
David is also the co-author of the McGraw-Hill published book “Managing the Mobile Workforce”, along with his co-author Michael Kroth Ph.D, which combines their intimate knowledge of technology and his experience in building and managing a mobile workforce.

Contact David Clemons:
Phone: (208) 402-2024
Email: David@AchieveLabs.com
Twitter: @MobiForce
LearnCast®: Text “Clemons” to 878787


John Clemons

John Clemons, founded LearnKey in 1987 by producing and marketing the world’s first instructional videos on WordPerfect 4.2 computer wordJprocessing software. As a Producer/Director for Brigham Young University Motion Picture Studios from 1983 J 1988, John had the opportunity to work on virtually every aspect of professional video and film production. It was this experience and skill that help establish LearnKey as a leader in the video and multiJmedia training market that supports the Information Technology Industry.

LearnKey now offers an extensive line of nearly 1000 training titles on a diverse range of subjects including business endJuser applications (Windows, Microsoft
Office, Photoshop), IT certifications (MCSE, A , Cisco Security) and programming and database instruction as well as Management and Productivity training.
LearnKey has approximately 60 employees with production or sales offices in St. George, Utah, Cedar City, Utah, and Salt Lake City, Utah.

John Clemons through LearnKey has been instrumental in founding, incubating and managing several other businesses located in St. George, Utah including:

  • InfoWest - Utah based Internet Service Provider serving Utah and Nevada. 20 employees. 1994 - present
  • Stephen Wade Power Sports JHonda, Yamaha, Suzuki Franchise Dealer – 1996 – 2005
  • Tenny Saarilianan Clemons Advertising Group. 5 employees. 1993 – present
  • Main Street Theater a & Ballroom Reception Center – 2001 – 2008
  • Guitar Gallery – 1997 -2004

Minority shareholder in:

  • Quantum Education – New Zealand/Australia for profit adult education system with 10 school locations in New
    Zealand and 10 locations in Australia. John was part of investor group that purchased Auckland Business School
    as a 2 location $2MM annual revenue company. Quantam Education now has 150 employees and approximate
    annual revenue of $40MM ($NZ) and is currently experiencing substantial growth in Australia. 2006-present.
  • Ready Set Go – Fantasy Football online support system – 2008 - present

John and his wife of 30 years, Vanet, live between Star Valley, Wyoming and St George, Utah and have two adult
daughters – Jennifer and Jacy.

Contact John Clemons:
Phone: (430) 703-9733
Email: jClemons@learnkey.com
Website: www.learnkey.com


Jeff Coruccini
Best way to deliver the ultimate learning experience?

Jeff Coruccini has provided 20 years of executive leadership and innovation to the elearning, travel, customer care and digital sports media industries. His
experience has been focused on driving the ultimate customer and learning experience with Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions at both the corporate
enterprise and consumer level. With a unique blend of large (fortune 100) and small early stage corporate experience he is known for working with companies in
the areas of: strategic sales, building productive teams, developing SaaS business solutions and implementing strategic initiatives and or "innovative out of the box"
ideas that have achieved successful market share, scaled revenues and "first to market" entry for digital media, software technology and travel products.

Jeff is the CEO of LearnKey , a Better Learning Systems Company an industry leader creating premium learning content provided through worldJclass mobile &
online delivery systems, and leveraging the behavioral aspect of learning. The companies advantage is an ability to rapidly deploy a high quality, lowJcost
prescribed learning solution to KJ12, Higher Education, Corporate Enterprises.

Operating from Scottsdale Arizona Jeff is very proud of his team , a talented “MobiForce” across Idaho, Arizona and Utah that includes Sales, Client Services, Programmers, IT server experts, marketing specialists, designers and content facilitators, quality control and assurance as well as accounting. They believe and have a passion for driving the ultimate learning experience supporting both teachers and learners through mobile, online, quality content.

Contact Jeff Coruccini:
Phone: (480) 221-2618
Email: JCoruccini@LearnKey.com